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Welcome, गाँव कनेक्शन [GaonConnection]: India’s first rural newspaper!

GaonConnection : releasing inaugural issue!

Bihardays welcomes GaonConnection, the first rural newspaper in India making use of the latest technology and resources. A unique and timely effort, this may be the paper that India has been waiting for. Apart from the rural reader, it will, it should receive a warm welcome and loyal readership among those city-dwellers who wish to keep in touch with the village, their own as well as others.

In brief, bravo, GaonConnection!!

The following material is  from the website of GaonConnection and will give the potential reader a taste of the new idea, the new venture and the new newspaper:

‘Our Vision

For us, believing is INK. Which is why, when we first thought of launching India’s first rural newspaper the first thing we did was ignore convention. Toss aside all that popular culture dictates and carve out a path for ourselves, where we believed the ones who cared would soon follow.

GaonConnection does not aim at bringing news to the heart of India, nor does it prophesize to change the way media views its rural markets. NO. The mission is simple. We aim at bringing their world, the things that matter, the subjects that count closer to them. While doing that, provide a view of the changing landscape of villages to urban India. We strive to create a tool for India’s heartland that someday will give birth to a movement that propels change.

Our dream is fierce, the ways to accomplish it, even more challenging, but the heart is an optimist. And the mind an eternal adventurer.

Our Mission

Bring democracy to villages

Start India’s first professionally managed rural weekly newspaper, created by the villagers for the villagers and of the villages of the region, but backed and mentored by some of India’s top journalists and development professionals with this, we wish to bridge the rural-rural divide.

Give a voice to rural India

Although 70% of India still lives in villages, there is no platform or medium focused entirely on them. Not only will the newspaper focus on the problems agitating the ordinary people like unemployment and scarcity of agricultural inputs, it will also be a mouthpiece of success stories, best practices in farming and other rural businesses innovations and interventions. In an era where India’s media industry is booming but increasingly reflects only urban concerns, we strive to give rural citizens a voice of their own.

Provide urban India a lens into its villages

Did you know that the purchase of VCRs and washing machines in villages has increased by 200% year on year? Or that rural India accounts for 49% of motorcycle sales? Where the next wave of growth is expected to come from India’s villages, GaonConnection aspires to provide rural market intelligence to urban businesses that will help them understand the changing trends and needs of rural India.

Generate white-collar employment

Alarmingly, a large number of the youth in rural india is forced to sit at home without a job, for the simple reason that they are educated. And can find no source of income fit enough for their skills. GaonConnection will create white-collar employment in villages, so that the educated do not flock to cities for low-paying jobs.

Gaon Connection will be

  • A Hindi Weekly newspaper in 12-16 pages of Broadsheet with 4 pages in colour
    carrying hard News and Features from villages across the country
  • Run by a well-trained team of rural journalists
  • Boast of state-of-art technology from the leading newsrooms of the world to be used in page-making and printing
  • Employ rural reporters, who will be trained to use technology and mentored by the leading journalists of the country’

Gaon Connection

c/o Bhartiya Gramin Vidyalaya, Village Kunaura
Post Mahona, Lucknow
Uttar Pradesh, India.

E-mail : information@gaonconnection.com

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