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Ghoora [घूरा]:India Gate at my village Ghoora: and Ghoora at India gate!

 By Ratnakar Tripathy Democracy: at a cold moment! I feel very blessed for where I live in Patna. No, it’s not a posh colony or a gated limbo of a  software community. The reason I feel lucky is on my right flank as I write, is a gynecological hospital, where babies keep getting born all the time. I get woken up by the forceful and healthy cries of hours-old babies demanding attention dictatorially at 2 AM. They sound like someone appealing urgently through my ever open window. The scolding cry of the helpless! There is human future on the right. On the left is the big wide lane that leads... 

Yo Yo Honey says the hate songs are not his!

    Yo YO : hate voice is not mine! When the videos celebrating rape and rapists by Honey Singh first appeared on the social media, the common reaction was a mix of utter disgust and amazement. How could anyone, a public figure at that get away with offensive stuff like this! In India or for that matter anywhere in the world! Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh now says that both the songs in question — Main Hoon Ek Balatkari and Ch*** are not his and that he is being victimised by his rivals to cut-short his rising career. The ‘rape rap’ songs with highly offensive lyrics are a few years... 
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