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Meet Pande Baba [पाँड़े बाबा ], gunslinger/teacher/student: 1980s Bihar through a biography

By Dev N Pathak Life options: double-edged choices! The former Vice-President of India Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma was stunned to hear the speech of a class six boy named Mukund Mani Pandey, at Mawlankar Hall in New Delhi (India). The boy was taken to Dr. Sahrma after the ovation thinned. Dr. Sharma exclaimed, ‘well done my boy! Where are you from?’ The boy said, ‘ I am from Vatayan school’. A perplexed Dr. Sharma asked, ‘I have never heard of this school! Where is it?’ The boy answered with a swelling chest, ‘it is as small a school as me in a small town called Siwan in a big state... 

Beyond ‘dhishum dhishum': Patna Univ elections to have JNU style debates, to be televised too!

  Beating with argument: not hockey sticks! Patna: think of student politics union elections and all you can think of the money power, the violence, the regular scuffles and bloodshed, and even kidnappings. But things may change for the better very soon. Since the PU student elections are being held after 29 years, this may be the right moment to make a new beginning. PU vice-chancellor Shambhu Nath Singh said: “The debate of the presidential candidates would allow the students to know them and their agenda.” Students and teachers of the university are happy about the planned event. A... 
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