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Sunday Editorial-What Bihar really needs now: Nitish and Laloo should come together!


By Ratnakar Tripathy

Mutual Bowing: easy for warriors!

Mutual Bowing: easy for warriors!

The proposition is simple – Laloo and Nitish would make an unbeatable combination in Bihar today. Refuting this proposition is just as simple – just use the word impossible, and everyone down to the last illiterate peasant in Bihar knows why!

The reason pure and simple is ‘egos’. The egos of two men who have been too close in the past and then too distant to come together. So am I asking conjoined twins, who managed to separate themselves successfully, to come back and attach themselves again?

No, not at all.

It’s in fact more like asking two intimate friends tormented by a past of excess intimacy to come together in a healthy, cool and rational friendship with just enough trust to run a state like Bihar. I define excess intimacy as too much love, too much expectation, followed by too much hate after perceived ditching and disappointment. It’s common among lovers and close friends and colleagues, universally!

Talking in Bihari political language now – let us get Bihar politics rid of the hot passions of pattidari, something that’s been the ruin of innumerable families in Bihar – if you don’t believe me do go and check on the litigation data in the Bihar courts. It’s a common strategy whether in Patliputra Colony, Patna or Pipra Kothi, Champaran to befriend the brother or cousin of your enemy if you seriously want to turn him into a gone case.

So dear Nitish ji and Laloo ji, please stop behaving like pattidars from the common Samajwadi tradition! You will end up destroying Bihar or at least be just passive spectators of its decline once again.

One after the other you both took turns to stem the rot of upper caste tyranny and corruption in Bihar. Laloo ji did it with his lathi and his biting humour that made the privileged squirm. Nitish ji did it, is still doing it with the help of the pen and policies.

You both have faults and chinks too. By now we know you both well enough. Laloo ji has no patience with the details of governance. He’d rather insult a bureaucrat to pass time than sign a file he has no time to read. Nitish ji runs politics, party and the state like an MBA obsessed with PowerPoint and Excel files. This philosophical polarity between cow-dung politics and software politics, between lantern light and solar technology is quite misplaced.

So the suggestion is on a rainy night when there’s a particularly heavy downpour, and all the spies in town dull themselves with too many mangoes, meet somewhere safe and quiet over a Litti-Chokha dinner and have a heart to heart.

Your ego problems are not very interesting to a common Bihari citizen. We have other major worries.

How to save Bihar, save ourselves from Modi [Narendra that is by way of clarification]?

Even Modi’s supporters and worshippers, despite their sure-mindedness and determination seem to have no idea of precisely what they will get when he comes pelting down, fire and brimstone.

Will you allow Bihar to be governed by the choicest of our sociopaths and psychopaths?

Think, meet, eat, talk!


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  1. Frank Krishner says:

    Well written, hold that thought!

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