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Sunday Editorial: Communal riots, the latest form of social engineering used by politicians!


By Ratnakar Tripathy

Hate politics: shortcut to power!

Hate politics: shortcut to power!

Let me start with a cliché that may seem cynical to you – love is a lesser persuader than hate. Even though it is the more enduring sentiment for anyone who cares for anything that is lasting!

You may love someone deeply and yet out of laziness, momentary lapse, lack of time or steadfastness end up failing the loved one at a crucial moment. Of course, you will call later and apologize with the realization that your apology falls seriously short. A regret will turn into a guilt which may bore a home deep inside your soul and bother you at the most startling moments in life till you die.

But what I am trying to say is if you hate someone deeply enough, you will always carry a knife in hand or hidden in the pocket, ready to strike as soon as you get the vaguest of chance. You will lurk in the shadows, you will aim at the target in broad daylight, you will be ready with extra broad smile to lull your target, just to get a chance to stick the knife deep enough to do the desired damage.

I have so many friends my age or younger with their hearts full of regret for being unfaithful in love – not taking care of a sick parent, ditching a dream lover, man or woman, not being there when a little child or adolescent was crying for aid. Or when a stranger in trouble asked for a small help!

I don’t know anyone unfaithful in hate. The only difference is there are the lucky ones who found revenge early enough and would want to or not want to talk about how they accomplished it. And those who are still firmly holding their vengeful knives, their knuckles gone blue on account of perpetual readiness to strike! I have never met the unimaginable character who would say that I hate someone deeply but have no plans to do anything about it.

Hate is always active. Love is often passive.

Which is why if I wished to manipulate you, making sure to serve my ends, I would depend more on your ability to hate than love. Love me? Okay! Chalega!

But i depend on your hate!

With great experience of decades at policy formation, implementation, skimming of public funds, PR that includes flattery, bribes, threats and murders, image management that includes designer kurta, beard and mouche, to stage a communal riot is like organizing a birthday party for a niece next door.

So I wish you to you hate! Hate enough! Hate everyone I point out with the passion and the instinct of a rottweiler.

And vote for me!


PS: I would be interested in your love if my interest was a lifelong one. All I want from you is the moment of voting for hate that takes care of me for the next five years.

Five is fine with me to begin with!






























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