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Photo Feature- Patna by Chandan Singh

Chandan Singh

Photo Feature


By Chandan Singh

Exclusive photos of Patna capturing different moods and the way city is evolving. It also captures the general life and festivities. These photographs have been taken over a period of time and hopefully give a glimpse of evolving Patna to our NRBs readers.



Chandan singh is bihar based wildlife photographer. He specialises in wide range of photography which includes insects, birds, reptiles to the real wild world. His photographs can also be seen on his blog,http://chandans.blogspot.com/.


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  1. Bansi says:

    When it comes to these photos, more is not enough. Sometimes, these photos seem like a mirage on the horizon, its form shimmering and changing before your eyes.If you sit and gaze at these photographs, enjoying the silence of the photos—you are listening. There are a hundred things speaking to us, laughing, crying. Sometimes, going outside is really about going inside that is what I feel when I see these photos. Words fail me…excellen!!t.,.

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