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Open Letter to Chief Minister

Open Letter to Chief Minister

Dear Nitish Ji

Congratulations on the massive victory. Although there was never a doubt about the victory, but I must admit I was not expecting such a thumping majority. People all over the state have voted for you cutting across the caste,class,community and other factors which used to be dominant in earlier elections. You have given us a sense of pride now, people are not ashamed to call themselves “Bihari” in any part of  India for the matter, world. I personally thank you for that.

Now First let me tell you why Biharis have voted you to a new era.

Biharis have voted for you in chunks because they honestly feel you are doing a great job and you need second chance to take this development to the next level. In your first term you built roads, improved law & order & showed what good governance can bring in. Instead of fear, there is a sense of security in common masses, You have also done wonders with women empowerment by providing reservations in Panchayat polls and providing bicycles to the girl child. Its a great sight when I visit my village in my car (which I would not have dreamt of buying because of bad roads earlier) and see the girls in uniform going to school. Well I am one of those Biharis who was settled at Hyderabad and came back to Bihar. You gave us confidence that state is safe now, no body will be harassed. Hospitals have been provided with latest equipments and doctors are sincerely working there. Your handling of Kosi disaster was truly remarkable. Hats off to your first term for getting the state back on track.

I believe that you have worked exceptionally well on these issues:

  1. Road and Bridge constructions
  2. Women empowerment
  3. Agriculture sector
  4. Law and Order
  5. Health care
  6. Improved facilities in the schools
  7. Excellent handling of Kosi crisis

These were the basic issues pertaining to every strata of the society,and everybody benefited from it. So we all voted for you.

However, I believe that much better work could have been undertaken during your last ter in the following fields;

  1. Appointment of teachers for the schools, this has been a big let down as, there is an apprehension that many of the appointed teachers are not good enough for the very responsible post they have been appointed.. a proper,transparent mechanism of selection & appointment will reduce this apprehension . Primary education forms the core of society I think a re-look on those appointments is required.
  2. Number of Alcohol shops at Panchayat level are alarming agreed it gets the state exchequer revenue and discourages illicit alcohol consumption by villagers, but children have easy access to them and there is no check on age group sales at local level. I myself had seen kids of 12-15 years getting addicted to alcoholic drinks.  Strict regulations its implementations will help reduce this menace.

Now that you have got a huge majority, we can expect that these drawbacks can be addressed and correction done, as deemed fit

Challenges ahead

With this kind of enormous confidence shown in you, responsibility and expectations are much more than you had in your previous term. There are many challenges ahead and now people will expect you to live up to those expectations. It is difficult task to satisfy everybody and live up to all the expectations but off-course you can do your best to priorities the list of expectations from the electorate and do your best. People are expecting you to take the development process to a higher level now.

I dont want to go on and on but what I feel as a responsible Bihari about the most important challenges lying in-front of you in this term. I dont have any doubts that why you can not handle these challenges, with your ability and strong character.

  1. As we all know about the scarcity of power in Bihar, urgent steps needs to be taken, may be a task force to make sure Bihar gets enough electricity. There is no electricity in my village since 23 years, and farmers can not afford diesel and pumping set based farming, Rural Bihar needs electricity urgently, and proper power supply to farmers will solve most of the problems and in a way reduce the migration as well.
  2. Encourage private investors by providing them various schemes and benefits. Facilitate the process of private investment, have different cells for different categories of investors, for speedy investment, provide them with tax and other benefits.
  3. Corruption is also slowly becoming major problem, it needs your urgent attention.
  4. You have done a lot on education front by setting up CIMP, getting IIT, NIFT and also your noble initiative to start Nalanda University again. You need to make sure about the proper functioning of these institutes, as there are some problems with all these institutes which you might be aware of. Bihar needs an environment where students dont need to go outside for higher studies. This will also in-turn save lot of money going out of state.
  5. There are several NGOs and micro-finance institutions which have grown up like mushrooms at Patna and other small towns. Many of them use fraudulent methods and have been cheating poor people , this might sound a trivial issue now,but I would like to give example of  Andhra Pradesh,where it became a huge & tragic issue with several victims committing suicide. With these mushrooming NGO’s and Micro-finance institutions, we should learn from Andhra Pradesh & nip this menace in the bud.Strict rules & enforcement & effective checks and balances are also required at that front as well.
  6. Creating job opportunities in Bihar to check large scale migration.

I am quite confident that you will lead us into a new era of development and will do your best to restore the glorious past of Bihar. By voting you back to power with record margin we have given you our mandate, our faith & we are sure you will lead our state into excellence.

Wishing you all the best, may God give you the strength to overcome all the hurdles.

I take the privilege of congratulating you once again on behalf of team Bihar Days for the victory.

Warm Regards

Prashant Kumar


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  1. Monodita Ray says:

    An interesting wish list and clear points. One appreciates the non-partisan stand that Bihardays English section shows. The politically coloured write-ups of certain writers in the Hindi section, however, make the inteligent reader puzzled: why do you give space to only one columnist who appears to be a Hindutva hardliner, and no space for other intellectuals?

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