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Shasan ka nirnay pyara, kya aadmi se janwar hai pyara ???

Shasan ka nirnay pyara, kya aadmi se janwar hai pyara ???

By Prashant Kumar

Is this the place for your morning walk....think again...

Protests now a days have become a “fashion”. It really does not matter if you are breaking the rules or norms of the society just protest because you have been denied of something. Do not look into larger perspective, gather few like minded and just protest. Protest for the heck of it, it will also get you into news and you can talk in your social circle that i was part of the protest, my photograph or interview came in the newspaper. Does not matter what is right or wrong just protest.

Now you must be thinking why i am going around with using the word “protest” again and again and again. I was really disturbed by a a group of protesters who were protesting because Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden starting from Yesterday has stopped people from morning walk. At the outset i would like to say Patna zoo is probably the only zoo in world where general public can enter before 9AM..for morning walk. There is no zoo in the world which allows morning walks. There are very logical reasons behind it. Animals perform most of their activities in the morning, early morning. Another reason is, to keep animals healthy they should not be exposed to public for more than eight hours. Patna zoo opens for morning walkers around 5 am and closes at 6 pm. So the exposure time increases by around five hours.

Supreme court also in a recent judgment has asked the Central Zoo Authority to put a ban on this practice. According to zoo authorities they have cleared files from their side and are awaiting the approval from the state government. And zoo authorities will implement it in a phased manner once it is approved from the state government.

Now when a ban was imposed on Wednesday morning around 700 people gathered outside the zoo under the banner of Morning Walkers Union (MWU). Raising slogans like “ Shasan ka nirnay pyara, kya aadmi se janwar hai pyara”, “ Humari mange poori karo morning walk free karo” and within hours placards and flex reading , “stop playing politics with zoo” and “ Udhyan me tahlne par rok ke virodh me pardarshan”. It is really sad to see this kind of mob culture developing in the country when you become so insensitive towards the animals that you sit on a dharna and raise slogans against something which is logically wrong in nature.

State government have lately come up with so many parks in almost every colony which can be used for morning walk but “NO” these protesters want to go for morning walks only in the Patna zoo. Although these group of protesters were highly educated bunch, but they seemed to be completely unaware of the harm they have been causing with their morning walk in the zoo. And sad part is they are not willing to listen to any arguement but only the violent and illogical stand “ We should be given more importance over animals”. Irony is among the supporters there are people like Dr C.P Thakur a regular morning walker to the zoo, a politician like Ramchandra Purve of R.J.D and also many people from academics and intellectual circle.

Dr. C.P thakur has asked the protesters to take a delegation to deputy chief minister, while Mr Purve has extended his moral support to the morning walkers.

Another argument by MWU which is equally funny is – Issue a pass for morning walkers, now it seems zoo authorities will have to consult somebody who can communicate with animals. Show their faces or identity cards to all the animals and ask them if they would like to see these faces early in the morning and then approve them after getting the consent of the animals. Funny isn’t it.

My suggestion to zoo authorities will be just to leave a lion open from morning 5 am to 9.30 am, I am very very sure that it will solve all the problems.

On a very serious note bihardays will sincerely request its readers to please have some respect for the animals and give them the space. Everybody has a body clock so has these animals, when state government has come up with so many parks why not to use them for morning walking. One of the best parks which has come up in recent times is just behind the zoo next to C.M secretariat, thats a huge park and if “socialising” was one of the reasons behind going for morning walks to the zoo. This park is very big and will provide that opportunity as well.

Please leave the poor animals alone.

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