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A Mukhiya’s dream: बस एक स्कॉर्पियो, और जहाँ जाएँ, वहां आठ दस ठो लोग जुट जाएँ

A Mukhiya’s dream:  बस एक स्कॉर्पियो, और जहाँ जाएँ, वहां आठ दस ठो लोग जुट जाएँ

These won't do at all!

Patna: one of the consequences of empowerment of panchayats and infusion of development funds into the panchayat system is – the panchayat officials are now really living it up!

According to a prominent Patna daily, funds meant for Indira Awas Yojana, BPL, and Solar lights etc have empowered the mukhiyas and in the case of women mukhiyas, the mukhiyapatis in ways that were not part of the official plan – mukhiyas have now graduated from bicycles and motorbikes to Boleros and Scorpios. The auto companies concerned are of course the indirect beneficiaries too!

In the manner of a survey carried out through west Champaran, the report goes on to name names, name the auto models and the panchayat concerned all of which makes a fascinating list. Whoever thought, empowerment of the rural communities would show its first results on roads and in public, while other social changes remain somewhat invisible.

All this seems to indicate one simple thing – the first phase of development in Bihar after a long lull will see a serious increase in corruption, in terms of both scales and frequency. Quite simply just as the needy now have more opportunities for development, so do the corrupt. The mukhiyas mentioned above are thus just practicing what they have seen in their childhoods and youth – namely, the road to development leads through one’s personal pockets.

बस इतना सा ख्वाब है !

The massive and multi-pronged anti-corruption drive in Bihar is yet to catch up with the smart mukhia breed.

May be, it is the locals, rather than officials at the top who will deflate the Boleros and the Scorpios of the mukhiyas, since they are in the best position to see where the local funds are going.

After all, in a village, with loyalties going criss-cross among castes, friends and pattidars, the rumour machines are so active day and night, there is nothing you can hide for more than a few hours!

In sum, there is no basis for assuming that development will curtail corruption – in fact, development is most likely to increase corruption, at least in the short run!

A friend of bihardays who dropped in for a chat gave us a bizarre take on the phenomenon- according to him, it is the roads, stupid! The now improved condition of roads that has allowed these Boleros and Scorpios to glide over the smooth-cheeked roads of rural Bihar!

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  1. rajandhari says:

    for any type of devlopment,,we should change the cracy,,system and leader other bise it is a day dream nothing else

  2. rajandhari says:

    required janandolan without any party leader

  3. siddhi says:

    kuch chay bhi han nitish say bhi baihtar wiswash karo mukhiya per

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