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Our goal
To provide high value and reliable products.

Become copper, aluminum non-ferrous metal alloy foundry industry characteristic brand company .

Our aim
Integrity - both for customers and employees, at all times abide by our commitments. Pay attention to credit . Since its sincere person also.
Quality- We consistently provide high quality products and services. Survival of the fittest .
Fast - fast response to customer , fast delivery , quick feedback market. To fast first.
Continuous improvement - continuously collect data and feedback system to take corrective and preventive measures in order to constantly improve our quality.
Our code of conduct
Four actions:
Brain - planning / strategy. Forewarned is forearmed, the soldiers seeking raft.
Pencil - communication / exchange. Common ideals, common action
Hands-on - plan / program. Detailed plan and clear direction
Feet - track / scene. Everything run much more than ask, the scene is the core of the event.


Contact: MR HUANG

Phone: 150 6176 1728

Tel: 0510-86202812


Add: NO.515,Qingfeng Road,Huashi Town,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu,China  

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