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Hyderabad firm to automate PDS in Bihar: getting ready for food security



IT backbone: to smoothen PDS?

IT backbone: to smoothen PDS?

Patna/ Hyderabad: according to latest reports, Identity management and e-governance solutions company 4G Identity Solutions Pvt Ltd has won a Rs. 10-crore contract from the Bihar Government for automation and monitoring of the public distribution system (PDS). The hope and the plan here is that the automation would make the PDS processes and supply chain more efficient and even more important, more transparent for a vast population.

The main components that would be implemented as part of this contract are GPS-based Fleet Tracking for grain transportation, Inventory Management, Integrated Weight Management System, Management Information System (MIS), SMS-based Information Dissemination and Public Grievance Redressal System. The Government of India passed the National Food Security Bill and has come into force as the National Food Security Act, 2013 with effect from July 5, 2013. The basic objective of this Act is to ensure adequate quantity of quality food and nutritional security to the people at affordable price. The Government of Bihar plans to implement the Food Security Bill in the state by February 2014 through this Project. With this project implementation, public delivery system of PDS would drastically improve by introducing computerization of all record keeping, inventory management, food grain flow from FCI/SFC warehouses and lastly, up to the consumer distribution level at the fair price shops.

The State Government is planning to utilise the IT backbone to roll out the Food Security Bill this year. “The delivery system would improve significantly as the project envisages computerisation of records, inventory management and food grain flow from public warehouses. The system will also monitor distribution at the level of fair-price shops,” 4G Identity Chief Executive Officer Sreeni Tripuraneni said here in a statement.

To be implemented in six months, the project covers six crore people. “The main components of the project include GPS-based fleet tracking for grain transportation, an Integrated Weight Management System and SMS-based information dissemination and a public grievance redressal system,” he said.


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