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The Machine Maketh The Man

Kshitiz Anand   By Kshitiz Anand   Royal Enfield was the brand of the Enfield Cycle Company, a British engineering company. Notable for producing motorcycles, it also produced bicycles, lawnmowers, stationary engines, and even rifle parts for the Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield Lock. This legacy of weapons manufacture is reflected in the logo, a cannon, and their motto “Made like a gun, goes like a bullet”. It also enabled the use of the brand name Royal Enfield from 1890. In 1955 Enfield of India started assembling Bullet motorcycles under licence from UK components, and... 

Photo Documentary- Making charcoal water filters from Husk

Eklavya Prasad By Eklavya Prasad   Viengphila (La) Vaiyakone is the manager for Namngum Ecovillage and Agriculture Research Community and a trainer for Abundant Water.  She manages the operation in Pakanyung (Name of the province) to support the efforts of AW in filter production. She has been experimenting with various methods and materials to make the burn out material used in the clay/charcoal water filters. La added the updraft tube and the fresh air inlet at the bottom to create the more intense heat allowing the husk to char faster without burning out to ash. Previously, the fire... 

Photo Feature by Mukunda De- Fighters in the cockpit

Mukunda De Photo Feature by Mukunda De Fighters in the cockpit Cock-fighting a favourite pastime of rural people in our country.The sport of cock-fighting, frowned upon by animal lovers, has staunch supporters in the countryside. My long nurtured desire to witness a cock-fight was fulfilled some time ago during the occassion of Makar Sankranti. The colour, atmosphere and the drama, there is something primitive about cock-fight. A play on life and death. It seems to paralyse the crowd’s thinking before arousing their aggressive instincts. In the background, perhaps, is a sneaking pride over... 

Our beautiful neighbour, Bangladesh: album from a sojourn

Our beautiful neighbour, Bangladesh: album from a sojourn   By Madhu Reddy Bangladesh: land of natural beauty! Bangladesh. When you hear the name, the image that comes to mind is not that of a country with abundant natural beauty. But it is! From beaches and coral islands to rolling hills, tea plantations, river islands and the mangrove forests of Sundarbans, Bangladesh is abundantly endowed. Don’t go by those images you see in mainstream media, get out and ‘know thy neighbour.’ Though we may be different, there are far more things we have in common. After a few days in Dhaka and Chittagong,... 

The Sonepur Diaries- Photo Feature- By Kshitiz Anand

Kshitiz Anand

The Sonepur Diaries- Photo Feature

by Kshitiz Anand

Bihardays presents stills from Sonepur fair by Kshitiz Anand. Kshitiz is presently working as a Design Strategist at a Social Media Technology firm in Bangalore. A freelance Photographer, an ardent traveler and documentary film maker. He mainly clicks people, portraits and nature.


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Photo Feature: Maut ka kuan by Mukunda De

 Photo Feature  Maut Ka kuan     Mukanda De   The breath taking show “Maut ka kuan”  is a breath taking photo ride by Mukunda. Each frame makes you look within – at the body within your mind, as much as the bodies out there! To capture motion in a static frame has always been an exciting challenge – Mukunda has a very affectionate way of dealing with this – looking at motion through the eyes of innocence rather than use of heavy technique! Born in 1970 in West Bengal, India, Mukunda did his MFA [Painting] from Viswa-Bharati University, Santiniketan. He has been a staffer... 

Photo Feature-Vintage Bihar: Collection of photographs by Ajit Chouhan

 Photo Feature

Vintage Bihar: Collection of photographs

 By Ajit Chouhan 

Ajit Chouhan

In this weeks’ Photo feature Bihardays presents a collection of vintage photographs collected by Ajit Chouhan.



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Lokpal protests in Patna- Exclusive Pictures

Anna supporters in Patna

Photo Feature

Lokpal protests in Patna

By Manish Kumar

Photos from different parts of Patna – where Anna’s supporters gathered. The places are – Kargil Chauk, Income Tax Circle, Saguna Mod and Exhibition road to name a few…


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Photo Feature-Eclipses – Lunar & Solar: for your eyes only!- By Chandan Singh

Chandan Singh Photo Feature Eclipses – Lunar & Solar: for your eyes only!’ By Chandan Singh Solar Eclipse photographs were taken in 2009, while the Lunar eclipse photographs were taken night before. While both the sets were taken over different period of time. We present to you the snaps together in this photo essay. [mudslide:flickr,1,84861363@N00,72157621661622008] ********************************************************************************************************************** Chandan singh is bihar based wildlife photographer. He specialises in wide range of photography... 

Photo Feature- Patna by Chandan Singh

Chandan Singh Photo Feature Patna By Chandan Singh Exclusive photos of Patna capturing different moods and the way city is evolving. It also captures the general life and festivities. These photographs have been taken over a period of time and hopefully give a glimpse of evolving Patna to our NRBs readers. [mudslide:flickr,1,84861363@N00,72157623216973002] ********************************************************************************************************************** Chandan singh is bihar based wildlife photographer. He specialises in wide range of photography which includes insects, birds,... 
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