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Happy Valentine

A very happy Valentine day 

Let peace and love reign

Let peace and love reign

May you not attack anyone on this day 

Love thy neighbour's love

Love thy neighbour’s love



May you not be attacked by anyone on this day

– from Bihardays

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Working with K. A. Abbas: Remembrance of Things Past

     By Ahmer Anwer  Following is my tribute, penned for the K. A. Abbas centenary commemoration essays. I’m very grateful to Syeda Hameed for asking me to write therefor.   Hamara Ghar: poster My working connection with the author, journalist and filmmaker Abbas was as a child actor in his film Hamara Ghar, yet in fact the association with him was deeper, more global and more extensive, even lifelong. Khwaja Ahmed Abbas, whom all in our home knew simply as “Mamoo Bachhoo” (he being my mother’s uncle), was a part of my birth family’s world for as long as one can remember.... 

Avoidable culture of violence in Bihar: festivals like Saraswati Pooja turn into riots!

    Saraswati immersion: a gentler moment! Patna: it is becoming increasingly clear that the Bihar urban society has outsourced its festivals to the gangs of delinquent youth. These are often groups in neighbourhood that put up competitive stalls, collect their funds using rough methods and turn the festival atmosphere into all male discos. As if this is not bad enough, the merriment often leads to shows of violence, which are seen as part of the spectacle. Matters like who leads the procession, who gets to immerse the idol first can lead to deadly violence on days when the groups turn... 

Kumar Vishwas compares Modi to Shiva: Hindi Poetry gone mad?

    Atishayokti Alankar[hyperbole] in politics?Ahmadabad: Kumar Vishwas, the probable candidate against Rahul Gandhi, has found a critic in his own party. Social activist Mallika Sarabhai (L), who recently joined Aam Aadmi party questioned Vishwas’s views on minorities and women. Mallika Sarabhai objected to Kumar Vishwa’s views in a video on Youtube [WATCH]. She claimed that one video shows Vishwas calling Modi “a Shiva who cleaning the world of poison”. Taking on Vishwas on multiple fronts, Sarabhai sought clarification from Vishwas over latter’s glorifying... 

मेरा भागलपुर: “बनफूल”

  सच्चिदानंद सिंह  बनफूल I भागलपुर में एक पैथोलजिस्ट हुआ करते थे बलाई बाबू; डा. बलाई चंद मुखोपाध्याय. खलीफाबाग बाज़ार के निकट ही उनका दवाखाना था. दवाखाने के बरामदे पर लाल रंग का एक साइनबोर्ड लगा था जिस पर बड़े बड़े सफ़ेद अक्षरों में... 

Bihar gets 68.95 lakh tourists till august, 2013: domestic tourists dominate

  Deedarganj Yakshini: Patna Museum Patna: according to reports, of the total number of 68.95 lakh tourists visiting Bihar in the first eight months of this year, 64.95 lakh comprised domestic tourists, while the number of foreign tourists stood at four lakh, the Principal Secretary (Tourism) B Pradhan stated to reporters. Bihar had received 22.5 lakh tourists last year which more than double the number of footfalls in 2007, he said. In order to woo domestic and foreign tourists, the tourism department has launched a massive publicity campaign about development of infrastructures, the Buddhist,... 

Bridges and breaches in Indo-Pak cultural relations: on TV & movie

    Pak TV channels fined for too much Indian content Actor Shaan in ‘Waar’ According to recent reports, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has imposed a fine of Rs10 million on ten entertainment channels of the country for airing excessive Indian content for more than 10 per cent of the air time. Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority imposed the fine on the channels and issued warning letters to them to desist from such practice in future, The News report said. It quoted a document of ministry of information, broadcasting and national heritage,... 

Wooing Biharis through Chhath in Delhi: woo, wow! woo, wow!

    The Chhat political ritual: inspecting ghats! Delhi: while the large migrant population from Bihar and eastern UP was looking up to the sun with devotion during Chhath, the political parties were equally absorbed gazing beseechingly at the Biharis with great ardour. Over time, the word ‘Bihari’, a bad word on the streets of Delhi for long, has become a respectful form of address among the political circles. What the innumerable batches of Bihari IAS officers have not been able to achieve in Delhi over the decades is now being offered devoutly at the feet of the common voter, the... 

Chhath in Chandigarh

    Chhath travels with Biharis Chandigarh: After celebrating the brother-sister bond on Bhaidooj on Tuesday, it is now time for the festival of four-day fasting – Chhat Puja. Considered very auspicious by Bihari families residing in the city, the festival would commence from Wednesday onwards with the ritual “nahaye-khaye”, and go on till Saturday morning with various rituals lined in between. On Wednesday, people would leave behind all the vices and take to good habits for four days. With the early morning bath (nahaye), they will purify themselves and give away all... 

Bhagwandas Morwal’s ‘Ret’ [Sand]: reading the novel and its aura!

    by Ratnakar Tripathy Bhagwandas Morwal I really love it when I discover a good writer – a poet, a short story writer or a novelist. Recently, when a friend introduced to me the great Albanian novelist Ismail Kadare, lending me three of his books in Pune at a go, my shame at discovering this author so late in life was easily outweighed by the glow of joy that stayed with me for several days. I found myself looking for excuses to mention or if possible, discuss Kadare at length in the unlikeliest company and circumstances. I also felt a deep gratitude towards my friend that only... 
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