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Docu-films on Uranium mining hazards shown in Ranchi

  Jaduguda: affected by Uranium mining! Ranchi: a three-day festival, which kicked off at Central University, Brambe, on Tuesday, travelled to the RIMS campus on Wednesday. Students and teachers of the premier medical college, film lovers and social activists watched six documentaries and short films that highlight the ill effects of uranium mining. The films screened were Michael Madsen’s Into Eternity, Ranchi-based film-maker Sriprakash’s Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda and Jadugoda: The Black Magic, Galina Laskova Sanderson’s (Belarus) To Whom It May Concern, When the Dust Settles by Australian... 

Villagers in Ghaghra, Jharkhand show initiative: build their own little irrigation dam!

An earthen dam in Jharkhand Gunia (Gumla): when you look at typical development news in the papers or the TV channels, one third of the news may be about the planned projects, another one third about what has been implemented with uncertain results and the rest about what has NOT been done. In sum, the citizen is always waiting for the fatherly-motherly state to come to her rescue and get her out of the mess. Not always though! Once in a while people decide not to wait and take their fate in their own hands. This is of course possible when the solution comes through relatively small development... 

Hurrah! Hockey, cricket has competition: Dabur takes Mumbai franchise of Hockey India League (HIL)

    Dhyan Chand: the glorious days of Indian Hockey! New Delhi:  India’s obsession with cricket has been moving at a rapid rate from wide-eyed fascination to disgust in the eyes of many. The national idiosyncrasy now seems like a pathological monomania to many who back away from the endless and forever ongoing national conversation on cricket. Forget about the players or the performers as they seem to matter the least, except as the newly emerging heroes from the newly emerging towns, Kasbahs and villages of India. It is the spectator who is the king in a ‘karaoke-ized’ world of... 

Documentary on Jharkhnad folk art wins award at AFFMA 2012

  Jadopatia paintings of Dumka Jamshedpur: His proximity to the folk artists of tribal community, as a forest officer, unknowingly got him engaged in the promotion of the tribal folk paintings but his zeal to preserve one of the primitive art forms propelled him to document the glorious history of the otherwise dying art. The documentary titled “Vision through Images” which also speaks in details about the measures to be taken to guard the future of these tribal folk paintings, has earned him recognition at the international platform. “I am glad on receiving this honour but... 

Girls wearing jeans/without dupattas face acid attack in Ranchi!

Girls wearing jeans/without dupattas face acid attack in Ranchi!   Ranchi: the warning! Girls who wear jeans or forget their dupattas will now face acid attack in Ranchi. Their families will not be spared either. The chilling warning comes from Jharkhand Mukti Sangh, an unknown group whom the police have dismissed as mischief mongers. But the handwritten posters put up on Tuesday morning at Ranchi’s Albert Ekka roundabout, St Xavier’s College and the registry office, created panic. Though the police removed the posters from all three locations, the news spread like wildfire. St. Xavier’s... 

RTI without Information Commissioners: Hazaribagh protests!

RTI without Information Commissioners: Hazaribagh protests!   RTI: governments encourage non-use! Hazaribagh: the Indian state plays the dubious role of first putting in place a Right to Information Act , and then making the process so cumbersome that only the very gutsy are able to go through the exercise of obtaining information from the various departments. If that is not bad enough, when the RTI activists come under attack from the affected parties, there is often no one to protect them. This is as much true of Bihar as many other states, not to mention the centre. The idea is to maintain... 

Mysterious crow deaths in Bihar: Bihar poultry under threat!

Mysterious crow deaths in Bihar: Bihar poultry under threat!   'Crows in a Wheat Field': by Van Gogh Patna: Bird flu or avian influenza is threatening Bihar’s poultry industry and an SOS has been sent to the central government on tackling the deadly H5N1 virus as the state lacks the resources to do so, a Bihar minister said. The SOS was sent after the Bhopal-based High Security Animal Disease Laboratory (HSADL) attributed the deaths of a number of crows across the state to the H5N1 virus, Animal Husbandry Minister Giriraj Singh said. “In January, samples were sent to HSADL.... 

स र र र रा!A very happy Holi to our readers!

स र र र रा!A very happy Holi to our readers!

Time for colour!

A time for freedom from care, grudges and everything negative!

A time to turn all the blacks and whites into splashes of colour!


A time to indulge the non-serious, the funny and the frivolous!

होली के चश्मे से कभी देखी दुनिया?

A time to let the child in us have free play!

In brief – स र र र रा!

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Mass death of crows creates puzzle and scare in Jharkhand

Mass death of crows creates puzzle and scare in Jharkhand   Crow deaths:a worrying puzzle! Jamshedpur: according to a number of reports in the past few weeks, thousands of crows have been dying in different parts of Jharkhand for reasons that are yet to be found. The panic has now resulted in a visit from a high-level joint team of the United Nations and Union government to Jharkhand recently. The panic is caused by the simple fact that crows tend to hover around human settlements and stay in close contact with humans. In apprehension, the state authorities have now issued a blanket alert... 

Now a Mercedes Benz bus service: Patna-Tata-Ranchi-Gaya!

Now a Mercedes Benz bus service: Patna-Tata-Ranchi-Gaya!   Mercedes: between Bihar-Jharkhand! Patna: now bus rides between Bihar and Jharkhand will compare with the smoothest and best of experiences had travelling between myriads of routes between Mumbai-Pune-Hyderabad-Bangalore-Chennai and further down south. According to reports, a Mercedes Benz luxury bus service between Bihar and Jharkhand with GPRS, TV and WI FI facilities will begin from December 12. The buses each cost Rs 1.20 crore and would run between Patna and Tata, Ranchi and Gaya. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar rode one of... 
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