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The Final picture and data …

The Final picture and and data … The Final Results Seats won in previous assembly elections: NDA: 143 seats (JD (U) 88 + BJP 55) RJD + : 64 seats ( RJD 54 Others 10) Congress: 09 seats Others: 27 seats Few conclusions from the above data, this has been so far the worst performance by Congress and RJD in assembly elections. With Rahul magic failing to work and well, he campaigned for 19 constituencies and Congress lost from all those places where he campaigned. Here is the Commissionary wise complete break up of the results. Commissionary wise results Tirhut Total seats -49 NDA-... 

Losers by lowest margins and Winners by Highest….

winners by biggest margins Losers by lowest margins and Winners by Highest…. Losers by lowest margins There were heart breaking news for few candidates who lost by narrow margins. Here is the the list of candidates who lost by whisker: Criteria those who lost by less than 500 votes. From Keote Constituency Faraz Fatmi of RJD lost to Ashok Kumar Yadav of BJP by just 29 votes. Bijay Kumar Singh of LJP lost to his JMM rival Sumit Kumar Singh by 188 Votes. From prestigious Kishanganj constituency Sweety Singh (BJP) lost by 264 votes to Dr Mohammad Jawaid of Congress party. From Bhabhua... 

People’s message to Nitish

People’s message to Nitish Bihar Days spoke to few Biharis’ to take their reaction, these people are from varied field but one thinks connects them a hard core Bihari heart. They share their opinion exclusively for Bihar Days. They include Thakur Vikash Sinha, Prof Ashok Ghosh, Ratnaker Tripathi, Ranjan Rituraj aka Mukhiya ji, Rai Yashenra Prasad, Manish Kumar, Dr Sunil Kumar, Ajit Chauhan and Sunita Sohane. Thakur Vikash Sinha Thakur Vikash Sinha Senior Banking IT expert, Mumbai The first reaction that comes is that Journalists and Intellectuals are lagging behind when it comes... 

Nitish thanks people of Bihar

Nitish thanks people of Bihar Thumping win for Nitish Chief Minister has thanked the people of Bihar in showing enormous faith in him. Adressing the media he said that, “the Bihar election has written a new story and people has voted for the development”. Emphasising that development had won in Bihar, Nitish Kumar said the people wanted to put the state on the path of progress. He also pointed out that this election had seen women voters come out in a big way. He described his victory as a victory of the people of Bihar. “It is a big challenge,” he said, adding that the work had just... 

Lalu senses a foul play ” Victory suspicious”-(Audio)

Lalu senses a foul play ” Victory suspicious” – (Audio) Lalu says victory conspicious Lalu as usual is not accepting the defeat. In his press conference to the media after the results were out he said, ” the results are suspicious and the truth will come out soon. ”  He also added ” even ministers who had given up on thier victory even they have won, so what is the reason behind the victory… there must be some foul play. ” He refused to name any body but said will review the results. He congratulated Nitish Kumar but refused to congratulate BJP... 

Rabri devi looses from both seats…other prominent loosers

Rabri devi looses from both seats…other prominent loosers lost both the seats Ex Chief Minister and RJD supremo’s wife Rabri devi was one of the prominent looser of this election. She lost from both constituencies by big margins, at Raghopur constituency she lost to JD (U) candidate Satish Kumar with huge margin of  more than 13000 votes. While from Sonepur she lost to BJP candidate Vinay Kymar singh with even bigger margin of around 20,000. It should be noted that both these constituencies belonged to Saran district, a Yadav dominated district. Suggesting caste was not a factor at... 

Nitish submits his resignation, to take oath on Friday

Nitish submits his resignation to take oath on Friday Nitish Kumar met the Governor of Bihar at Governor house and submitted his resignation. This was a formality, he also staked the claim to form the government following his massive win. Government has asked him to continue as acting Chief minister till the new government is formed. Nitish Kumar will take the oath on Friday, 26 at 2.30 P.M. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Home Minister has congratulated him on the victory. While talking to media in the first press conference after his victory, Nitish Kumar said... 

NDA lead crosses 200

Nitish is leading NDA to massive win NDA lead crosses 200 Well how massive it can get ??? The turn around man seems all set to create few records. Here is the latest trends and list of winning and trailing candidates as well. BJP seems to be gaining the most while this has been worst performance by RJD & Congress. LJP has improved from its previous position. Parties ( Combination) Leads NDA (JDU + BJP) 202(112 + 90) RJD+ LJP 27 (22 + 5) Congress 7 Others including Left + BSP + Independent 7 Winners & leading Party Won & leading Nitin Navin-Bankipore BJP Won Rajesh... 

Rabri trails from both seats…other trends

Rabri trails from both seats…other trends

In more shocking news to RJD Ex CM Rabri Devi is trailing from both the seats Sonepur & Raghopur respectively. The list of other winners and the leading candidates includes

Rabri devi trails from both seats

Renu Kumari Kushwaha (JD U) leads

Shyam Rajak (JD U)


Suresh Sharma BJP leads

Pashupati Nath Paras (LJP) trails

Ninin Navin BJP win

Ramai Ram (JD U ) leads

Nandkishore Yadav leads

v BJP leads

Ashwini Chaube BJP leads

Poonam Devi (JD U) leads

We will keep you updated as the results pour in.

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