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Bihar hits a century: Land survey of Bihar, first time after 1910-15!

Bihar hits a century: Land survey of Bihar, first time after 1910-15!  


Land survey: after 100 years!

Patna: although the Bihar government must have put in considerable preparations before coming up with the bill drafts, the two bills related to land holdings – Bihar Land Mutation Bill 2011 and Bihar Special Survey and Settlement Bill 2011, both passed in a matter of hours have managed to achieve what could not be done in several decades, or even a whole century.

Whereas the first bill related to mutation will result in quicker transfer of land titles within a fixed time frame, it is really the second bill related to land survey that will start a process of massive clearing up of confused debris of land size and rights, a task that no one was willing to undertake in the past.

The plan is that in the next three years, all 45,000 villages of the state will go through the following stages of survey:

  1. Aerial survey
  2. Ground proofing
  3. Disposal of objection on ownership rights

While the aerial survey will be a hi-tech affair, the ground based survey will involve the panchayats and the professional surveyors. The survey is likely to have the following long term consequences despite the temporary confusions created by the attempt to clear up an ancient mess:

  1. Consolidation of land holdings
  2. Enable the industries to have clarity on  land to be acquired
  3. Removal of encroachers
  4. Easy resolution of legal disputes and massive savings for farmers who lose money due to avoidable litigation
  5. End to forcible land grabbing
  6. End of corruption in the land record offices due to increased transparency
  7. Enable farmers to get loans by showing a clearer land record to the banks etc. that show reluctance in dealing with the fuzziness of rural property

On the whole, the move is going to change the very rural culture of Bihar, taking matters far beyond simple documentation. At this point, it is difficult to imagine the extent of change, of course! Speaking on the occasion on the floor of the house Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that the twin legislations on land reforms have been formulated to reduce land-related disputes among the people and prevention of forgery in sale and purchase of land. After the enactment of mutation law, land and house owners will get a passbook mentioning the buyer and seller of the properties and other details. Mutation cases without having objections from any person will be settled within 18 days, while the disputed ones will be settled within 30 days.


7 Responses

  1. A K Pandey says:

    Farms and houses are not in the name of living persons These bills once executed in a right way, will bring lots of transparency and satisfaction in the minds of owners. A welcome step by the Govt

  2. Anil Sinha says:

    If it succeeds posteriety will be grateful to Mr. Nitish Kumar.These are the root cause of corruption and bloodshed.

  3. sir, mai janna chahta hun ki land survey kab hoga bihar mei … Or iske kya kya rule hai .. Please detail me ! ritesh sharma from katihar

  4. Rajesh goswami says:

    Thanks to Mr. nitish kumar,its been a long awaited transformation in bihar.it will really bring a great transpiracy in the old rural way . lots for forjery n bluff related to land be soon be eradicated.

  5. bishnu prasad says:

    i want to know about the land survey of siwan distric and also the rule $ regulation.

  6. ravi sinha says:

    a good step initiated by the government of bihar in right direction…………consolidating the rights of property owners and securing them under tight provisions of law with using latest sophisticated technologies like (aerial survey) 1st time in bihar’s history…….it will prove a milestone in bringing peace to the flaming fields and attracting industry investments…….it is surely a succesfull policy step taken by nitish kumar led NDA allaince govt. …………………..


    this work by BIHAR govt is worthy of pride.

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