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‘Come to Bihar’: a government scheme making land data available on web!

‘Come to Bihar’: a government scheme making land data available on web!

Land for sale: easy access!

Patna: according to the latest reports, the industries department of Bihar is planning to ensure easy access to information on land available for sale on the web. This is being done under a government scheme named ‘Come to Bihar’ — an initiative to create a database of plots that landowners want to sell off.

According to the industries department principal secretary C.K. Mishra “The information would be available either on a dedicated website or a link would be added to the existing website of the Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority,” reports are that the task of data uploading may start in mid-June itself.

The scheme has been organized in such a way that before the uploading of facts about the land in question the district magistrate (DM) of the area will be required to certify that the piece of land is not under litigation.

Under the scheme the government will have no say in the price of the properly and the landowners will be free to state the price and bargain with the buyers. The government has however tried to control the likely chaos by ensuring that the landowners stick to the stated rate at least for a year. Landowners with an acre or more land are only eligible to post the details of their plots under the scheme.

Although certifying a particular piece of land as free of litigation is likely to be difficult for a DM concerned since land records are not updated in Bihar as in many other states – a common problem in India. But the website is sure to act as an initial filter for buyers scouting for land.

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  1. SNTIWARI says:

    If the Bihar gov really want to develop ,this is an another way also.

    Try to encourage the Bihari residents to set up industry / institutions in their own land.

    This can be done by helping them (without any prejudice )to finance by banks or any other financial corporations.

    This development will be sustainable and long lasting without any land problems/disputes.

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