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Anna’s new mission- 100 farmers in the 2019 parliament




Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare

After breaking away from the AAP formation, Anna Hazare has been groping for a new vision. What he has come up with so far seemed rather confused and haphazard. But true to Anna spirit, he may have found a worthwhile mission – empowering the farmers of India. If he really sticks to it consistently, he will end up making a huge difference to a constituency known for suicides rather than new political initiatives. Looking at every actual or potential case of farmer’s suicide, it is indeed possible to see a potential leader who can put his energies into empowerment, rather than give in as hapless victims. To put it bluntly, is it possible to convert the colossal  but dark energy of suicide into the positive potency of politics?

Targeting political parties for ignoring problems of farmers, activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday said farmers should try to send at least 100 representatives to Parliament in the 2019 or 2024 polls. Speaking at a farmers’ convention “Jai Kisan Mahasamabesh” here, Hazare said it may not be possible to send a greater number of farmer representatives to Parliament in the 2014 elections. “It may take 10 years to achieve the goal,” he said.

Urging people to participate in the revolution for change of the system, Hazare said honest citizens should come forward and participate in elections as individuals and not as part of political groupings. “There is need for a revolution to change the system, not power. If we want to see radical change in the country, there is a need to change the system. The representatives of people should go to the Parliament and Assembly, not the party representatives and criminals,” he said.

He said he will visit every state to sensitize the people in this regard for the next five years. He said the second struggle for freedom he will work to bring Right to Reject bill in the Parliament that will debar criminals from contesting the elections. Stating the first struggle took 90 years from 1857 to 1947 to get Independence, he said, the second goal of establishing real democracy and power in villages may require above 10 years.

“Had the governments taken villages as centres for development, India would have been different. But, they develop towns and help corporates which backfires as India lives in villages. The people sitting in Delhi should not be allowed to decide fate of villagers,” he said.


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